MOLLY KATE CLOHESSY.   31/10/2000 - 31/08/2012


Molly lived a very happy life, her wicked sense of humor, quirky personality and sense of style certainly made her unique.

Every moment of her life was full of fun.  She loved being with her family and friends, her dog Rosie and had to take her bear with her everywhere. Her favorite colour was pink and Pink was also her favorite singer and dancer.

Living with epilepsy gave Molly a uniqueness and an ability to cope with many life threatening situations.

It was her strength and tenacity that assisted her in overcoming the most incredible odds.

Her huge personality and presence in life, has left an indescribable absence in our lives.

She was an inspiration to all who knew her and her story.  The impact she made is endless, and now, with her passing she still continues to inspire and encourage many.

Molly was involved in many ways over her 11 3/4 years in raising awareness of epilepsy and Dravet Syndrome. 

It now gives us great pride in continuing her work, not only raising funds to assist with research into Dravet Syndrome and bringing Australian families together, but to continue to spread the word about epilepsy.


For Molly's full story, please click on the link above.


For more information on Dravet Syndrome please click on the link above.


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