Get your walking shoes on and Walk for Epilepsy

 Sunday 20 October 2019  -  Princes Park Carlton

Get your family and friends together and join other caring Victorians walking for those they love

 Registrations at  9am – Walk starts 11am

 No one with epilepsy should go it alone

REGISTER TODAY                                        INFORMATION                                 1300 437 453

Epilepsy Foundation

We work with individuals and families, organisations and the community to increase people’s understanding of epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation uses evidence based practice to stop avoidable deaths, ensure children get a good education, help people get and keep their jobs and help people feel safe and connected.

A good understanding of epilepsy is the key to achieving these outcomes.

The Epilepsy Foundation believes no one should go it alone with epilepsy.

Every day we try to make life better for people living with epilepsy and this is made possible because of the support of people like you. The Epilepsy Foundation encourages the community to get involved with fundraising so people living with epilepsy don’t have to go it alone.

426 heroes fundraising today.

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