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The purpose of Syngap research is to enable and promote efficient research projects into SynGAP. We are striving for a cure for our kids, the SynGAP community and other genetic epilepsies.

Syngap research is raising funds for research into a genetic disorder that can cause severe epilepsy, intellectual disability, and autism.

The first research project is through the Florey Institute to research Syngap1 via:

  • Generation of patient-derived stem cell model

  • Drug screen and ASO strategy

The long term goal for SynGAP research is to help fund the creation of a precision medicine hub in Australia focused on finding a cure for genetic epilepsies

SynGAP is widely considered a disease gene. Scientists believe that understanding the SynGAP mechanism and how to correct it will provide crucial insights for other genetic conditions like Intellectual disability, epilepsy and autism.

The role of SYNGAP1 is to give the instructions for the production of a protein called SynGAP, which generally suppresses the level of brain activity. When there is not enough SYNGAP1, the brain is generally more excitable. This explains why individuals with changes in the SYNGAP1 gene have the problems they do, especially in the areas of learning, seizures, hyperactivity and sleep disturbance. 

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The Epilepsy Foundation uses evidence based practice to stop avoidable deaths, ensure children get a good education, help people get and keep their jobs and help people feel safe and connected.

A good understanding of epilepsy is the key to achieving these outcomes.

The Epilepsy Foundation believes no one should go it alone with epilepsy.

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