KCNQ2 Cure is raising funds for research into a genetic disorder that can cause severe epilepsy, intellectual disability, and autism.

With your help, this fund will support ground-breaking research by some of the world’s brightest scientific minds to crack the code of what causes KCNQ2 encephalopathy and advance our understanding of epilepsy. It also will support conferences regarding KCNQ2 and epilepsy, and outreach for families affected by KCNQ2. 

The KCNQ2 gene belongs to a large family of genes that provide instructions for making potassium channels. These channels transport positively charged atoms (ions) of potassium into and out of cells. They play a key role in a cell’s ability to generate and transmit electrical signals. We all know how reliant our bodies are on electrical signals for us to function properly.

KCNQ2 Cure is an international alliance formed by families of children affected by a mutation in the KCNQ2 gene. The group has established a global scientific advisory board comprising leading researchers dealing with KCNQ2 and other genetic disorders.

KCNQ2 mutations can cause a variety of disorders, all of which are characterised by seizures.  In some cases, seizures dissipate in early childhood, and there is no long term impact.  Other people have a more severe form of the disorder characterised by epilepsy and profound intellectual disability.

The KCNQ2 disorder has only fairly recently been identified. As a result, the number of people known to have the genetic disorder continues to grow. 

Please help us crack the code.  We want to find treatments – and a cure – for KCNQ2.

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ABC’S Australian Story: A Place for Us – the story of Jacqui https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Krl6H8fw4M

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