Your involvement will change a life

Any way you choose to get involved will make a real difference to people and their families living with epilepsy, families like Tom's (pictured above).

You can be assured, the funds you raise will provide the vital support needed for someone like Tom for generations to come.

Do it your way, it's up to you, choose your way to change a life.

Events Date Money Raised Online  
Fundraise at School 30 September $0.00 >> select
Fundraise at Work 30 September $320.00 >> select
In Memory 30 September $1,605.00 >> select
In Celebration 30 September $0.00 >> select
Create Your Own Event 30 September $1,592.05 >> select
Fitness and Challenge Events 30 September $23,114.30 >> select
KNCQ2 19 June $20,003.75 >> select
Purple Day 2017 26 March $0.00 >> select

Money raised online!

  • $433,364.80
  • 42.0 fundraisers fundraising today